“I came to Dr Aoibhe O’Driscoll with terrible peri-menopausal symptoms and she listened, she helped.  That’s all you want.  It’s a juggling game which we are still trying to get right medication-wise but she is there every step of the way.  For me, she was there, listened & helped.  Life saving!”.  Jan 2023

“Dr Aoibhe O’Driscoll is the most caring, kind and gentle doctor who genuinely listens, offers advice and never tries to push you into anything you are not comfortable with.”  Nov. 2022

“It should be mandatory for middle aged women to go and speak with Dr. Aoibhe O’ Driscoll at Cork Menopause Clinic. Prior to my first consultation, I felt someone/something had taken control of my body and I hadn’t realised how out of sorts I had been for months. I knew from the second I spoke to Dr. O’ Driscoll, I was in safe hands. Her extensive knowledge and passion in this area is palpable as soon as you walk through the surgery door. I was astounded to discover how little I knew when it came to menopause. Why are we still living in the dark ages when it comes to this crucial time in our lives? And why do some of us still continue to suffer in silence? I can’t believe that I was somewhat hesitant to make the appointment initially. Best money I’ve ever spent on myself, so grateful to my friend for recommending the Clinic to me. Ready to take on the world again!.”  Jan. 2021

“Aoibhe was very understanding of my symptoms, sleepless nights, hot flushes, anxiety, etc. After a consultation, Dr Aoibhe put all my concerns about HRT at ease. With the right HRT, my life has changed, all my symptoms are gone. Highly recommend Aoibhe.”  Oct 2020

“I am so happy I found Aoibhe. I felt listened to and understood. She is really interested and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to any woman going through the menopause. She will keep going until the right solution is found and seemed delighted when it was.”  Apr 2019

“There is a saying I am fond of and have used a lot in life: “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional” Haruki Murakami. I now believe after attending the menopause clinic with Dr O Driscoll that “menopause is inevitable but suffering with it is optional”. Not only do I always feel heard by Dr O Driscoll but I get a thorough check-up on each appointment so that I feel re-assured nothing will go unnoticed. I went from feeling overwhelmed by my menopausal symptoms to getting my old self back and all with a level of HRT I am very comfortable with.”  Jul 2018

Cork Menopause Clinic Testimonials